Get the Look: Salon-Healthy Hair at Home

Rachel Weisz

Taking care of your hair requires a little forethought but not a lot of effort. The polished women spending hours in a salon each week know how it feels to have effortless-looking hair, but they also know the time it takes (not to mention the cost!). Fortunately, it's not unreasonable to want those transformative results at home. All it takes is a bit of research and the right products for city girls and country bumpkins alike to look salon polished in their very own bathrooms.

The first thing any salon stylist will do is look at your hair with a proverbial magnifying glass. Is it oily? Dry? Frizzy? Limp? These are all questions you can ask yourself and pick your products from there. There's no reason to sacrifice quality or targeted products just because you're doing it yourself. 

We all go through a phase in life where style matters over substance. Unfortunately, that means we've all pulled, prodded, straightened, curled, permed and razored our hair into submission leaving it weak, broken and *gasp* dull. Luckily, TRESemme's Platinum Strength collection can help you get back the healthy looking and beautiful hair you’ve so dearly missed. For girls looking for a quick win, this collection, and it's hero Heat Protect Spray, could be a game changer. The best defense when it comes to your hair is a good offense. It's harder to fix your hair than it is to protect it so ensuring that your hair maintains the best possible moisture balance, without sacrificing style is important. With the Platinum Strength collection, you're not only reinforcing your hair's barriers but you're also protecting your hair against future damage every time you shower. 

Rachel Weisz Image: LJT Images/


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