Backstage Beauty at World MasterCard Fashion Week Fall 2013

Now that World MasterCard Fashion Week is over, it's time to reflect on the fashion, hair and beauty of the week-long flurry of activity. During the event, I was fortunate enough to be invited backstage, to the dark underbelly of the event, where I was able to chat with the styling team behind all those fabulous faces. Grace Lee is the lead makeup artist for Maybelline and World MasterCard Fashion Week, meaning that no model steps out onto the runway without her final approval. I caught up with her as she was working her magic on the models of Stephan Caras and here's what she had to say about upcoming fall trends in makeup.

The Fashion Spot: Thanks for talking to us! So here we are with a willing model for Stephan Caras, could you tell me what's going on with the palette?

Grace Lee: [Stephan Caras] never really gave me a description with the hair and makeup. He just wanted it beautiful, but not too overdone because there are gowns. We wanted it to be more elegant than prom so we've done a fuller brow, filling them in with Black Master Shape as everyone's brows need to be full and brushed up. It's a really important thing for the makeup. We've then lined the eyes with Master Precise and coated them in Great Lash Mascara.

tFS: Looking at a lot of shows, there appears to be a move away from matte foundations to almost glistening, watery finishes. How do you achieve that?

GL: We gave the skin a little bit of a contour and then created a really nice dewy highlight. Last season you would have seen the Baby Lips mixed with the Barely Branded Colour Tattoo and, of course, this trick isn't going anywhere. It creates a really nice metallic finish and I place that on the high points of the face (under the brow, cheekbone, temples bridge of the nose and chin). It adds really nice texture and it looks gorgeous on the runway. I didn't want the makeup to look overdone and wanted everything to be wearable.

tFS: And all these products are so affordable!

GL: I get a lot of people saying the skin looks luminous on the runways and I'm like, "Honestly, it's Baby Lips, it's $3.99!" You don't have to spend a crazy amount of money to get beautiful makeup.

tFS: I notice there's more of a bold lip going on this seasons, as opposed to dramatic eyes like we saw in October…

GL: There's lots of lips. Here I'm using the On Fire Red (in the Vivids collection) with red lip pencil. I think if you want a bold lip, to go with Vivids, but if you're looking for something a bit more subtle, then the Whispers collection.

tfS: It's all beautiful so I'll let you get back to the assembly line. Thanks for talking to us!

Images via Maybelline Backstage Canada