4 Bad Beauty Habits to Ditch Today

Spring has sprung and it's time to commence that honored tradition of spring cleaning. Shuddering at the thought? Yeah, we are too! That’s why we’re putting off the vacuuming and organizing in favor of some more entertaining spring cleaning: that of the beauty sort! These are the bad habits we'll be banishing from our beauty routine effective immediately.   


We're all guilty of this one. We buy a whole load of makeup each season, excited for the new trends, and then we barely use any of it. Hey, can you blame us? We like pretty shiny things! This spring, save yourself some money and your bathroom counter some space and get smart about your makeup budget. After all, do you really need eight eye shadow palettes? We think not.

Neglecting Your Skin

Every woman longs for glowing, blemish-free skin, but many of us don't even realize how we sabotage our own goals. Skimping on sleep, overindulging in sugary sweets and not treating our skin to TLC are all major no-nos in our book. 

This season, we're spring cleaning our skincare routine and incorporating two major skin saviors: anti-aging products and exfoliating goodies. Since exfoliation is the number one route to clear skin, we'll be applying this mask from Joanna Vargas weekly. On the anti-aging spectrum, Olay's age-defying day lotion is about to whip our skin into youthful shape.

Being High Maintenance

Who really has the time to spend hours getting ready every morning? Between the hair, makeup and grooming we have to go through, it takes a lot of work to look your best. This spring, we're simplifying our beauty routine with these multitasking stars. Forget the sunscreen, moisturizer, serum and foundation time drag in favor of a one-stop beauty saver like this BB cream from Dr. Lewinn by Kinerase. Shaving cream and razors? Not anymore! Combine the two with Venus & Olay razor. The bottom line? Whatever your beauty poison is, make sure it saves you a few steps in the process!

Hairy Habits

Bombshell model hair is at the top of our to-do list, but that goal won’t be achieved without a bit of work. That’s why this spring we’re going to stop subjecting our locks to so much high heat (hey, we can work with our natural texture for a change!), commit to a weekly nourishing hair masque, and create a schedule to get regular trims at the salon. By making these few changes we can banish bad hair for good. 

image: IMAXtree