Beauty addict Sarah Howard has taken the cosmetics industry by storm with her alluring blog, It comes as no surprise Sarah has gained a heavy fashionista following, with friends like Alice + Olivia’s Stacey Bendet, and Sophomore’s Chrissie Miller by her side. Socialites and hipsters have been plugging Beauty Banter all over the twitterverse and blogosphere for some time now.

This beauty icon was destined to be a product high-priestess from the day she was born, since her family has played a huge professional role in mastering the art of glam. Her father, once the owner of Make-Up Forever, currently runs the Upper East Side high end hair salon, Pierre Michel. We met up with Sarah for some holiday must-haves for the holiday season.

What lipstick is a must have for every woman under the mistletoe, and why?

I’m loving L’Oreal’s Infallible Lip Plumpers in every color. They add color and plump the pucker, making it kiss-worthy. Also worth having is a good red. I’m obsessed with MAC’s Russian Red. It’s matte, so it stays on your lips – and off of his!

Perfume is a strong essence that reveals the nature of a woman’s aura. The nature of scent is powerful to the woman who is wearing it, and perhaps even more so to the men who surround her. What fragrance should a woman look into investing in for the new year?

I love love love the Kiehl’s essence oils – they’re roll on – which are great for an on-the-go pick-me-up. Grapefruit is my scent of choice. I’m also really into the Surge Lutens range. It brought back my love for automizers. I wear Un Lys, and I swear that it’s a man magnet.

Tell us about the best beauty bargain treatments available in NYC for the holiday season.

I don’t know about bargain, but the best treatment would have to be Tracie Martyn’s Re-sculpting Facial. It’s like a face lift without the knife. You walk out looking 10 years younger… immediate results, it’s insane. And I love her products, too. They’re all natural, smell delish, and feed my skin all of the important supplements it needs to stay youthful and healthy.

Have you seen any holiday treats at Sephora this season that would make excellent gifts?

I’m actually working on a gift guide right now. I’m really into the Jurlique kits – I love the range, and the packaging is so gorgeous. I am OBSESSED with the REN Moroccan Rose Oil scrub and bath oil. It smells incredible and is a must-have for every bath lover (not sold at Sephora, though). Givenchy’s Holiday collection is pretty incredible. It reminds me of tinsel. The gloss has silver shimmer. It’s gorgeous!

Where is the most indulgent place in town to get a mani/pedi? A lady needs to give the gift of pampering to herself, especially this time of year. Cocktail parties are calling!

Bergdorff’s, if you want to spend some serious cash.  Otherwise, I like the little Asian places on every corner of every NYC street corner. We take it for granted, but travel to Paris or London and you’ll be hard pressed to find a manicure/pedicure spot for under 80 euros!

New Year’s is a hot night that calls for an up-do.  Tell us a good place to get a smoking hair style.

The Pierre Michel Salon, naturally! They just moved to the second floor, and it’s massive and beautiful. The shampoo chairs actually massage you. And for hair-do’s, I’m all about a chic chignon or some sort of braid. Classic works best for the holidays.

Whats the best place to be seen all decked out this holiday season?

The Botanical Gardens Benefit.

What is the most decadent beauty moment you’ve had this year, and what will be one to look forward to next year?

My site hosted an intimate dinner for jewelry designer Samantha Wills at Gemma on the Bowery. I wore an amazing Isabella Marant skirt, Proenza Schouler boots, and PS1 bag (my Fall/Winter must-have!). The jewelry, Jurlique products, and dermalogica cleansers were all just fabulous. As for looking forward, every night is cause for a beauty moment. You never know who – or what – is waiting there for you!