The Magic Pads Creator Rob Harmon Talks Skincare and Summer Trends

by Izzy Ruiz for The Cannon Media Group



This summer's balmy heat inducted a season of many sticky rides on the NYC Subway system. Most of us have been there and all we can do is grin and bear it — minus the grin. One of the things, at least for me, that makes the ride and summer in NYC so disconcerting is how my skin is going to react. Ya see, I have combination skin. Oily, dry, oily AND dry – it has a mind of its own, mainly due to the weather, my mood… I’ve gone through every product since those teen years and found a pretty decent regimen, but all that changed recently when I discovered a new product created by hair and makeup artist, Rob Harmon. It’s a very simple product called The Magic Pads. Made just of water, aloe and the one-two punch of salicylic and glycolic acids, Magic Pads have pretty quickly been able to keep my skin under control from outbreaks of midday T-zone streaks, blackheads, and I’ve noticed my pores a little tighter each day. NO joke. My skin may have found its match. I sat down with Rob and here’s what he had to share about Magic Pads, skincare and beauty trends for women and men.

theFashionSpot: What are The Magic Pads and how do they work?

Rob Harmon: The Magic Pads are my product intended to help clear blemishes and wipe away unnecessary signs of aging. They are a gentle daily cleansing and treatment pad that can clear and prevent breakouts faster than anything I've ever seen, while leaving the skin moisturized and glowing.  

tFS: What makes TMP different from other skin products?

RH: No one has ever made an anti-blemish, anti-aging and moisturizing product all in one! Not only is it a one-step wonder, but it is also fragrance free, with no parabens, preservatives, petro-chemicals, no dyes, technically its Vegan, natural, gentle and made for ALL skin types!

tFS: What do you recommend to keep your skin healthy this upcoming season?

RH: I suggest some key no-brainers: A light SPF or tinted moisturizer with SPF for daytime like Jouer's Luminizing Moisture Tint, my favorite face wash is Neutrogena’s Pink Grapefruit Scrub and at least one swipe of The Magic Pads to keep those pores clean!

tFS: What makeup and other skincare do you recommend for sweaty summer days?

RH: Keep it light. Summer can be brutal, especially in NYC. No one wants their makeup dripping down their face on a hot July afternoon while running errands. If you keep your skin clean and healthy with a product like The Magic Pads, then you won't even need to wear makeup. A simple lip stain or balm with some waterproof black mascara should do the trick.  

tFS: What do you recommend for those who love a golden tan?

RH: I'm a sun worshipper, so I'll never stay out of the sun completely. For me, the right amount of tan can usually be accomplished while I'm wearing some light protection like an SPF 15. For more fair skin, I understand that sunbathing is simply not an option. For these chicas, you can get a light glow from a body lotion with bronzer and then even out the face with NARS Laguna Bronzer. You can't go wrong!

tFS: What got you into skincare?

RH: I got into skincare mainly because… I want to try everything! I want to know what's in it, how it works, what's the chemical reaction and where it all came from. The problem is: I break out. I break out a lot. In fact, almost everything breaks me out. I have very sensitive and acne prone skin and every time I tried a new product, the same thing would happen. Essentially, I invented this product for myself. The Magic Pads clean pores with 2% glycolic acid and 2% salicylic acid and moisturize with Aloe and Vitamin E, the world's two most soothing and hydrating ingredients. I found the more natural and clean I kept my skin regime, the clearer my skin became.  

tFS:What are the top trends for skin and makeup for summer?

RH: I've been seeing a lot of girls this spring and summer rocking the matte red lip and it looks awesome! Generally, we think of the reds to go with winter, but this summer it’s the bright red with a pop of coral. Keep the rest of the face bare, or add glow with an SPF or tinted moisturizer. It’s a very chic and easy way to add some fashion into your makeup wardrobe without all the drama of your face melting off in the heat.  

tFS: What does a guy do to treat his skin and keep his facial hair?

RH: Guys need a liquid soap. Anything will do, but you have to get between all the hair and the only way to do that is with a liquid soap, preferably a foaming one.  

tFS: What are the trends for hair this summer for men and women?

RH: Men – keep it short. The barbers are having a field day with our latest haircut trends and that's because the cuts are getting shorter and shorter! Shave the sides, tape it high and cut the top. Girls – keep calm, wear a topknot. It's gonna be a hot one. 


Yes it is going to be a hot one, but isn’t it always? I mean it’s NYC, a city full of the hottest people in the world. So better put your best face forward. My Magic Pad regimen has shown amazing results in just a month. Here’s what I did:

Izzy's Magic Routine:

  • 2 Magic Pads daily for the first 2 weeks
  • 1 Magic Pad daily the third week
  • 1 Magic Pad when necessary from now on
  •  So get your own Magic Pads by visiting here.


About Rob Harmonrobinsjeans_3-4-12_39204

It’s no wonder Rob has a thing for faces, for years he was a model and actor right here in New York. And even with that stunning face, he retired from the spotlight to develop his talents, working with the best of the best from editorial and commercials, with the likes of my fave supermodel Coco Rocha to magazines like Harper’s Bazaar. He even debuted his talents this season on the Great White Way. You can see his work on the stunning faces of the Tony award-winning epic Wicked. To see more of Rob’s work visit Anderson Hopkins.