Salsa and Manicures with ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Star Cheryl Burke


On a blisteringly hot evening last week, I was fortunate enough to be invited for an evening of salsa lesson and manicures with Dancing With The Stars pro, Cheryl Burke. You see, Cheryl is the new face of Broadway Nails' Impress Press-Ons, the snap-happy alternative to spending an hour at the nail salon. After flailing my gangly arms and legs at the back of the salsa class, I got down to chatting with Cheryl about her new collaboration and why she loves Impress so much…


theFashionSpot: Thank you so much for coming here today and for the salsa lesson! How are you feeling about this new project with Impress?

Cheryl Burke: I'm so happy to have partnered with Impress and, as you'll probably see on the show, I'm so busy that the last thing I have time for is to get my nails done at the salon. These are so easy and convenient and, for me, they last up to two weeks. I use the shorter version and do any kind of color I want. I can take them off and they don't damage my real nails.

tFS: Can you explain a little about the designs in your line?

CB: My line has been created for the holiday season, so there's four colors, all with different nail designs to customize to your event. In my case, I match them to my dance costumes. Everyone on the show loved them last season, from Kelly Pickler to Brooke Burke, because I wore them all the time.

tFS: So your inspiration for the designs was your dance costumes?

CB: Yes, my inspiration was really just going out and looking at trends, coupled with all the glitz and glam of Dancing With The Stars. Within that you have all the different moods, like neons and rhinestones with glitter, but there are so many different types of stickers for variety and choice. I always like to mix up whatever I'm wearing, especially on Dancing where we have a new costume every single week. It was important for me to be able to match with those.

tFS: So they never come off when you're doing complicated dance moves?

CB: Barely, I mean I remember rehearsing for like a week with Jacoby last season, a really rough strong guy and… my nails stayed on! It was pretty interesting because I was like, 'For sure, some nails are going to pop off,' but they're really secure.

Because it's important for mine to stay on the entire time, I find that the shorter length works best. But I find cleaning your nails beforehand really helps. One of the dancers last season put them on without cleaning and they slid off, but mine, that I'm wearing right now, have been on for five or six days so far.

tFS: Are you already planning a collection for spring? Where would you seek inspiration for that season?

CB: Hopefully. They've been doing really well. I've been looking to runway shows around the world and I see neon has been a big hit, like the yellows and oranges. People now have more fun with their nails.

tFS: Could you do like, the stiletto shape nails with these? Since it's so popular right now.

CB: Absolutely, if you get the longer version then you can file them to get that Rihanna style easily.

tFS: And finally, what exactly attracted you to this new partnership?

CB: I've always loved them and Nicole Scherzinger was on our show and, after I saw her, I went to buy a pair. I'm the last person by way of being a girly-girl and going to the salon, but when I tried them on, they were just amazing. These are the only press-ons that allowed me to do what I do every day and dance, so I fell in love with them. It was love at first sight!

Impress Press on Nails by Broadway retail at $8.99/$12.99 per pack and are available at Walmart. And here is my end result, et voila…