A Very Necessary Post-NYFW Cleanse with Nutritionist Marissa Lippert

Marissa Lippert

Marissa Lippert

“I always say not to drink…but then I always think, oh well, just today. And just one more glass this time and then not for the rest of the week, and then, well…”

This was said with a laugh (and a glass of bubbly) by a young, sprightly writer during New York Fashion Week a few seasons ago, the kind of writer who could attend shows all day, host red carpet events at night and hit afterparties with abandon — without batting an eyelash.

That writer is no more. What remains is a 30-year-old who feels a bit like runway roadkill at the close of this most recent NYFW. All I wanted was to go to a handful of my favorite shows, enjoy a nice dinner with friends and be in bed by 11 p.m. Is that so much to ask?!

Apparently so. It seems like all my fashion cohorts are feeling the hurt this week, which is why I caught up with nutritionist, author and owner of Greenwich Village’s latest culinary hotspot, Nourish Kitchen + Table, to help me get back on the wagon of wellness. Marissa Lippert (quite the fashionista herself) is not only a very good friend, she’s also my own personal Tracy-Anderson-meets-Ellie-Krieger, dishing out health and wellness advice when I’m at my lowest (cue: now).

Julie Bensman: Marissa, I’m tired, cranky, dehydrated and can't look at another tuna tartare hors d'oeuvre. What easy things can I do to feel better in the next five minutes (and beyond)? Help!

Marissa Lippert: In the next five minutes, take a breather. Then, go drink a glass of water. Hydration is key when it comes to getting back on the health track: think fruits/veggies at every meal, which rehydrate, provide fiber, amp energy levels, refresh your skin, the list goes on… I recommended fruits and veggies to be 50% of what you put in your mouth every day.

This week, it’s key to return to some sort of real routine. Do this by getting a good night’s sleep and never skip meals – aim to eat every 3-4 hours. As for drinking, I’ve never been one to leave alcohol out of my regimen but I do make a point to keep it balanced. And by this, I mean don’t drink your dinner! All these things will start to build upon themselves and you’ll be feeling (and looking) more like yourself in no time.

JB: To juice cleanse or not to juice cleanse?

ML: I’m a big fan of drinking a juice for a quick boost of energy – a green juice and hard-boiled egg is one of my favorite healthy breakfast combos. But a full-on juice cleanse really isn’t a sustainable diet solution – and you’re starving and cranky all the time. Who wants that??

Autumn Quinoa Salad

Autumn Quinoa Salad

JB: What's your favorite simple, healthy recipe to make on busy week nights?

ML: Nourish Kitchen and Table has an awesome Autumn Quinoa Salad on the menu right now – it’s perfect for fall. Start with cooked quinoa and add fresh apples, mint and scallions. If you want to get fancy, throw in some pomegranates, which are super high in antioxidants. To up the rebound quotient, add in some toasted walnuts. Toss with a white wine Dijon vinaigrette and voila! This salad is the perfect mix of good carbs, filling protein and healthy fats. I serve it with a crisp and refreshing white wine, like a dry Riesling or a Gruner Veltliner.

JB: When dining out, on which menu items do you splurge and on which do you pass?

ML: I will always go for a side of french fries! As for entrees, I’m obsessed with the Mushroom Garganelli at L’Artusi – it’s so worth it. I usually pass on desserts that aren’t worthy (in my opinion, crème brulee).

JB: Some of us will be off to Fashion Weeks in London, Paris and Milan: What are your best travel tips for staying healthy?

ML: Sleep, drink tons of water and attempt to simulate your diet here in NYC as much as possible in the day, anticipating you’ll be indulging in rich foods and wine at dinner (as you should!).

JB: You're an ace at managing your personal and professional time. What's your best advice for doing so during the busy fall season?

ML: I make it a priority to take time to clear my head, breathe and assess the day and week ahead of me. Plotting your week out in advance is crucial: which days to go to the gym, which days you have social engagements, where are you carving out personal time? A healthy work week and great weekend is all about balance and not burning yourself out too hard, too soon.