Create the Ultimate Makeup Bag with 11 Essential Beauty Tools

Your beauty bag says more about you than you think. Not only does it contain your favored color palette in the form of shadows, blushes and liners, its tools (and their quality) define your end results. We’ve all seen the unblended foundation line, the too-smudged smoky eye, or the harsh liner, right? And we all assume we’ve never been that girl, but the truth is, without great tools any one of us can fall prey to these beauty blunders. And here’s something else you might not have thought of: spending a little extra on that pair of tweezers is an investment, whereas spending extra on that Chanel blush whose color will be out next season is not. If you’re a savvy shopper (or a woman on a budget) focusing on your tools is the way forward! A few of these beauty tools save time, others are on the list for their high quality construction, awards and professional endorsements.