Gloss48’s Laura Bronner Spills Her Beauty Must-Haves and Tips

portrait-image-laura-bronnerWith all the magical lotions and potions out there, shopping for beauty products can be an overwhelming process sometimes. And even though it's supposed to be fun, finding the product that fits your lifestyle and budget can be tres frustrating. Luckily, the ladies at Gloss48 scour the web for the best of the best niche beauty products to sell on their website. Oh yeah, and they also feature some fab brands at an exclusive discount. We got co-founder Laura Bronner to spill her beauty tips, tricks and product obsessions. 

theFashionSpot: What are your top 4 beauty product essentials? 

Laura Bronner: It's really hard to pick 4! 

  • Skin, An Apothecary Soy Body Whip is my favorite body moisturizer. It comes in a huge tub and it is one of the few beauty products I finish on a regular basis. When I'm done with one scent, I usually switch to a new one. I'm currently using/loving/obsessing over Poppy.
  • Besame lipstick in Besame Red comes with me everywhere I go. I am not one to rock a red lip on a regular basis, but I carry this lipstick with me for times when I feel like I need to dress it up a bit. No matter what I'm wearing, a red lip takes it up a notch. Besame has a red for everyone, it goes on smooth, and it stays put.  
  • Bee Naturals Cuticle Oil is the best cuticle oil I have found — and I have tried a lot of cuticle oil! Bee Naturals is packed with nourishing jojoba grapeseed oils as well as tea tree oil to help fight infection — and it has a nice, lavender/lemon scent.
  • I am fairly conservative when it comes to my makeup, but I rock out when it comes to my nails. I really can't pick a single nail polish. I'm always using the latest LVX collection (about to switch to rich, gold Alchemy) because their colors reflect fashion runway trends — always unique and current. I'm also dabbling in Rainbow Honey. The Galaxy Collection brings out the my-little-pony-loving girl in me! It's dazzling.

tFS: What's the best beauty tip you've learned over the years? 

LB: After several years of attempting a smoky eye, makeup artist Jessica Berndt let me in on a little secret: based on the shape of my eyes, I should be using light colors to bring them out vs. continuously attempting dark, heavy looks. I have somewhat deep set eyes and the smoky eye look makes them look more sunken in. I now use white eyeliner on my waterline and a white base on my lids. White eye makeup also makes me look a little less tired.  

tFS: What's your favorite beauty trend for the winter season?

LB: I love the rich, plum hues that are big for nails and lips. However, I was in high school in the 90s and my prom photos are a sea of black cocktail dresses and maroon lips. I am slightly wary of the Winona Ryder Reality Bites look, so I'm taking this trend in moderation!

tFS: Do you have any celeb beauty crushes? 

LB: I love when celebs can pull off a natural look — because you know that it's anything but natural. Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Biel consistently look naturally beautiful. If I had to pick a celeb to truly get my beauty advice from, I would pick Lauren Conrad in a heartbeat. Her site, The Beauty Department, offers the best, dummy-proof tutorials.

tFS: Any beauty tips for looking great at holiday parties?  

LB: Everyone wants to try something new for holiday season — sparkle eye liner, a red lip, gold nails, etc. I FULLY support that. However, I recommend picking one, or maybe two of those pieces of flare — not all of them at once! 

tFS: For women who are overwhelmed when shopping for beauty products, what are some of your tips? 

LB: Like most women, we at Gloss48 really pay attention when a trusted friend/advisor/editor tells us that they have found the best _________ and that we really have to try it. I recommend picking one, personal need — frizzy hair, for example — and asking your favorite people which products they recommend. Team Gloss48 is always happy to be that friend. Feel free to reach out to us any time and we will tell you all about our latest obsessions.