Beauty Report: Lashes and Liner at Gucci Fall 2014



Oh, Milan. This is the city where we expect smooth, sculpted faces and advertisement-ready looks. At Gucci, we weren't left disappointed on either front. The collection was wearable and saleable, and the makeup was all clear skin and doll eyes as far as you could see. Makeup legend Pat McGrath noted 60s icon Marianne Faithfull amongst her inspiration and it was that era that took center stage for the makeup. Not only were the models layered with liner and lashes but the lids were buffed with a subtle taupe contour. This pro trick is essential if you're looking to mimic the era as we may not all be born with perfect socket-lines but we sure can fake it. If you're trying to get this look at home, avoid false lower lashes, which were used to get this look on the runway, as they can be fiddly and unpredictable. Instead, try coating the lower lashes in mascara using a wet liner brush. You'll get the same clumpy look without the glue. 

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