Fall 2014’s Wackiest Runway Beauty Looks Are Truly Mind-Expanding

After weeks of looking at sultry smoky eyes and perfectly painted lips, we're flush with inspiration for night and day. It's almost easy to forget that over the past few weeks, we have seen more than our fair share of wacky, unwearable, outrageous and just plain crazy looks left and right. From the somewhat odd liner choices at Assembly or Vionnet to the rainbow bright faces at Manish Arora, the designers who chose to go there went full steam ahead. We may cast off many of these looks as completely unwearable (we won't be trying the eyebrows from Yohji Yamamoto any time soon), but behind the feathered lashes, face paint and corn rows, you can still find wearable elements. For example, the eyes at Barbara Casasola may be a bit too much, but we were intrigued by the use of a deep, rich pink liner. So with that being said, open your mind and take a look at 15 of the wackiest beauty looks from the past month. 

Images: IMAXtree

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