The Best Body Firming and Smoothing Creams (That Really Work)

Skin firming lotions and creams sound like a too-good-to-be-true snake oil sales pitch, shouting to you from the beauty aisles, preying on your weaknesses and insecurities about a less than totally tight, flawless hide. We know. And it seems that just about every company that makes lotions or moisturizers has jumped on the bandwagon, from ultra high-end to drugstore deals. But while there is no permanent fix via cream, serum or oil, the concept isn’t really BS, either. When combined with a proper diet and exercise, these tightening tonics can boost your skin’s texture, firmness and overall look. For many, they’re a summer must-have for ultimate beach bod confidence. So from cellulite busters to stretch mark reducers, we’ve got the top list of skin firming lotions and body smoothing creams to try.

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