The Best Bad Hair Day Hacks of All Time



We know you've got a tried and true way to handle bad hair — it's probably called a ponytail. We've utilized ponies more times than we can count when we're trying to cover up greasy roots or just can't be bothered to think beyond such a simple solution. But the truth is, there are some equally fast and easy fixes that will let you avoid the bad hair day walk-of-shame and infuse some style into your look. Not that there's anything wrong with adopting the ponytail, it's just great to have options. 

Fight Humid Frizz

Serums, heat protectant sprays and oils…so many product options exist for you to try and combat frizzy, rainy day hair. Clear off a shelf on your bathroom vanity and use this trick instead: Pull your hair into a mid-pony to start, then gently tease the section close to the hair tie with a brush or comb. Continue the light tease to the ends. Wrap the pony around its base and secure with bobby pins. Voila, a sexy bun that looks like ratty is the way to go.

Slick and Shine

On the opposite end of the bad hair day spectrum is greasy, oily strands. You definitely don't want these hanging limp against your pretty face. Instead, create shiny braids you can wrap up to cover up roots. You can get creative using a small braid on each side of your head and pinning them on top of, or underneath, your hair. Or you can follow this tutorial to get Sienna Miller's braided crown. This is also going to prevent one of the sins of bad hair days — playing with your hair because you're insecure about how it looks (which actually causes your scalp to produce more oil than it's already sporting). 

Lane Change

You know how it goes — you check out your new-growth roots and tell yourself you've got another week before you need to color. Then an event comes up, you look again and all of a sudden they stick out like they're trying to ruin your life on purpose. Easiest way to deal? Use a deep, side part instead of your standard center part. If you have natural texture to your hair, letting it go au naturel (rather than straightening) makes dark roots much less visible. 

De-Grease Roots (the Natural Way) 

Sometimes your hair looks fine from the lengths to the ends, it's just that you've gone a couple of days between shampoos and the roots are looking a little clumped together and limp. No problem. It all comes down to baby powder or talcum powder, so you don't need to spend money on dry shampoo. Just dust the powder in your hair and brush or sprinkle it on roots in one- to two-inch sections. Are you a brunette who's fearful of using the white stuff? Mixing in a touch of cocoa powder to darken your DIY dry shampoo is just the ticket. 

Limp Locks

If you're not used to teasing your hair, the prospect can be daunting. You don't want to look like you're trying to sport a beehive and you're worried you'll damage hair trying to de-tease later on. Enter this pretty dope detangler brush. It helps you tease it up and lets you take it down with no problem. Detangling brushes are also starting to make appearances at major drugstores everywhere, so check it out. And the trick to avoid the beehive? Tease a little at a time.

Refresh Slept-In Curls

You do not, repeat, do not need to re-curl your hair after you've slept in it. What will help you out is a fast and easy fix. Just clip the top layer of your hair up and turn your curling iron/rod on. Take thick sections (even those that are partially curled), and quickly wrap them around the barrel. You don't have to be precise, and you don't have to get in every strand. Just a few evenly curled sections give the impression that your whole head is done — it's like a beauty optical illusion. Do the same to the top section of your hair and you're done. If you're spending longer than 10 minutes total on it, you're doing it wrong.

Bangs Redux

Bangs are the first section of hair to go south in-between washes. Of course, you can clip them up, but you can refresh them fast, too. Put water and a dollop of shampoo in a spray bottle. Mix well. Spray on bangs to wet them before blow drying and styling to your preference. See, no shower, no problem.