Models Nosh on Pastries, Get Schooled on Foundation and More Backstage at Tadashi Shoji Spring 2015

Tadashi Shoji Spring 2015 beauty look


I’ve spent years interviewing health and wellness experts, so I know that there’s no free ride when it comes to diet and exercise. With that in mind, I’m not sure what they’re eating when they’re not backstage (though I have my guesses), but at Fashion Week shows, I’ve consistently found that nutritionally empty foods like croissants are more popular than healthy picks like fruit among the models and staffers. Case in point, the below spread I spotted walking into the backstage area at Tadashi Shoji. Apparently, not all models are worried about how what they eat affects their skin!

photo 1

Noshing on carbs, models sat as their hair was styled by a team led by Rodney Cutler, who created a “chic center part inspired by Venetian silhouettes to tie into the collection,” he explained.

“I’ve worked with Tadashi for years now, so I know his aesthetic well at this point. This season we have a strong silhouette, but the best part is that it can work with any hair type. If you have curly hair, feel free to leave a few hairs hanging out — this look is strong enough to support it.”

photo 3

When asked for any tips about how to keep hair healthy when it’s constantly being pulled, blown, sprayed and tucked, as is the case with models during NYFW, Cutler noted that the key is keeping hair healthy with rich moisturizing shampoo and conditioners, always prepping the hair with protecting sprays and getting regular hair treatments. 

Makeup-wise, the key word this season was “fresh,” MAC makeup artist Pep Gay explained. “There are a lot of elements to tie into the Venice architecture that inspired Tadashi. We wanted the girls to feel happy, confident — like it’s summer. Everything is polished, nothing is grungy.” Gay went on to explain that he used very little foundation as he didn’t want to create a look that read “heavy.”

Unfortunately for us regular girls, when asked how the average woman could cover up her skin imperfections without the use of much foundation or concealer, he said, “You can’t; you need to be a pro, that’s why they hired me!” What can we all achieve? Glow and definition. Drawing a thin line on the root of the lash with liner, Gay was able to create definition for the eye without it looking heavy. He also applied an eye gloss with a very shiny, pearly finish and a pearly highlighter across the cheekbones. Lips were finished with a new Lipglass, called Sakura, launching for Spring 2015 — it’s a beautiful pearl with pink undertones.

photo 2

Nails, created by butter London, were similarly inspired by the season’s Venetian theme, more specifically, Tadashi’s use of mesh (no worries, the collection also has plenty of the designer’s signature lace).

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