Celebrity Manicurist Gina Edwards Talks Holiday Nail Trends

Celebrity Manicurist Gina Edwards Talks Holiday Nail Trends

Celebrity manicurist Gina Edwards passed through Toronto recently to talk about the latest KISS nail products and the hottest manicure trends for the holiday season. With clients like Taylor Swift and Michelle Williams under her belt as well as Balenciaga, Alexander Wang, ELLE and Vogue, we’re betting she knows a thing or two about how to get nailed in the best and most fashionable way possible. So we had to find out what was in store for our digits.

theFashionSpot: What are the hot trends in nails this holiday season?

Gina Edwards: We’re seeing a lot of glitter and stonework on nails. It’s a two-dimensional look with add-ons like glitter tips and ombre effects. It’s all about being your own artist. The new KISS Gel Fantasy Nail kits for holiday have stone and glitter add-ons that allow you to create a manicure on top of your existing manicure. It really elevates your nails to another level.

tFS: What are the hot colours?

GE: Flat colours of black, cherry red, gold and silver are always big for holiday, but we’re also seeing icy blue this season. If you have an iridescent colour that you really love, you can always add that pearly dimension by applying it over one of your imPRESS press-on nails for a different glow.

KISS nails set

tFS: How can someone incorporate nail art into their manicure without going too over-the-top?

GE: In February 2015, imPRESS will launch nail kits with an accent nail that you can choose to add to your manicure if you want to jazz it up. It’s not too crazy, but it allows you to take it a little further. For now, you can start with a regular imPRESS kit in a solid colour and mix and match it with a glitter set for a trendy, but still toned-down look.

tFS: How do you remove press-on nails without ruining your natural nails underneath?

GE: These are not the old-school press-on nails that you remember. The adhesive used in these nails are similar to tape, so it’s not damaging. Just soak your hands in warm water to soften the adhesive, or you can rub olive oil on your cuticles and they’ll slip right off.