Make the Most of Fine Lashes with Mascara

Mascara can be an easy cosmetic to ignore — if you aren’t paying attention, it can be tough to detect its effect. But when you’re someone with barely-there lashes (and not in a cool way), mascara is kind of crucial.

WMC-M1The beauty life of a barely-there lash gal is no picnic. As you can tell from the above photo, my lashes like to hide from public view. Thanks to mascara, however, I can get a brief glimpse into the life of someone with slightly more prominent lashes. Here’s how I quickly and easily upgrade my lash look with CoverGirl Clump Crusher by LashBlast Mascara.

WMC-M2I like to start with two swipes through the lashes in the center of my lid. I use the wand to get close to the waterline, then dig in with the bristles to get as much product on my lashes as possible. A good way to keep lashes from clumping is to do a subtle zig-zag motion with the wand. Once I’m satisfied with the way my center lashes look, I take the end of the wand and apply product to the super-fine lashes — those at the edges of my eyes. Next, I give my bottom lashes a few light-handed swipes to make them stand out a bit more too — the edge of the wand is great for that if your bottom lashes are anything like mine (read: insanely fine).


I love topping off pretty much any look with mascara, but really it’s kind of a game-changer by itself. It makes me look so much more awake and put-together — without much else needed for a full look. Talk about versatile!


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