One Minute with … MAC Cosmetics’ Alex Box at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2015

Backstage at Issey Miyake Fall 2015

Backstage at Issey Miyake Fall 2015 

Paris Fashion Week marks the end of a very long runway month. Hundreds of models and bags of MAC makeup later, and lead makeup artist Alex Box is still working away — artfully creating gorgeous looks for top designers, including Issey Miyake, where she popped fun little kaleidoscope hits of color on cheek and brow bones. We caught up with her backstage to find out about the latest makeup trends and how she stays inspired during her busiest time of year. 

theFashionSpot: What trends are you seeing in makeup colors and application? 

Alex Box: At the moment, I think we’re seeing a return to makeup. The last few seasons, lots of shows featured really minimal makeup and, while everyone was crazy about it when it was happening, now everyone’s tired of it. We’re looking for more excitement.

The makeup look at Issey Miyake Fall 2015

The makeup look at Issey Miyake Fall 2015; image: Imaxtree

tFS: What makes this a game-changer for what we’ll be seeing on runways and on store shelves in the future?

AB: Overall, there’s an upbeat return to art and a return to the art of makeup. Not just the ability to create the nearly-naked look (which is great and takes a lot of expertise). The feeling is more a celebration of structure and art. It’s upbeat and contemporary.

tFS: What gets you through the week?

AB: I brought my son and husband with me this season. It’s really great to have them with me and have their support through some of the business during Fashion Week.

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