Change the Way You Brush Your Hair with These Laight & Mercer Brushes


Image: Courtesy of Laight & Mercer

We’re constantly styling, coloring and cutting our hair, and a few months ago we came across two innovative hairbrushes from Laight & Mercer that are changing the way we think about our everyday hair-brushing. Wet and dry hair should be treated differently since texture varies depending on the amount of water in it, so using the right brush with non-damaging bristles are much more important than we imagined.

Laight & Mercer’s Hairbrush for Wet Hair features Intelliflex bristles that are extremely flexible to gently untangle all hair types without causing breakage and snapping the hair cuticle (which leads to split ends). Water causes the hair shaft to swell and make strands more prone to damage, so having these specially-designed bristles is key. For dry hair, the brand offers a Mongolian boar and nylon-bristled option that helps smooth frizz and provide locks with a healthy shine. We love using it with dry shampoo because the combination of two different bristles helps distribute hair’s natural oils evenly for a spruce-up. At $80 a pop, they’re not exactly a bargain, but as a long-term investment (we brush our hair daily, after all), it’s totally worth keeping this power couple on our vanity.


Laight & Mercer Hairbrush for Wet Hair, $80 at Laight & Mercer


Laight & Mercer Hairbrush for Dry Hair, $80 at Laight & Mercer