Tata Harper: The Secret to Super Glowy Skin, No Matter Your Age

When your skin is glowy, it’s a sign that you’re healthy and I think that this is something that you can achieve at any age. Healthy skin glows effortlessly because two things happen: It’s a sign that you don’t have any buildup on the surface and it is properly moisturized.


Image: Imaxtree

Our skin is a living organ and it’s in constant renewal — we create cells every day and those cells mature through a 28-day period before they die. As this happens, they accumulate on the top layer of our skin and build up over time. When you allow this buildup to happen, you get no glow and skin looks aged and dull.

To avoid this, I really focus on exfoliating every day. Obviously, not all exfoliators are made for daily use, but our Regenerating Cleanser is designed for this specific reason because you need to get rid of those cells daily in order for skin to maintain its glow and so that skincare products can penetrate better and in turn, give you optimal results. The exfoliating cleanser clarifies skin with fresh enzymes and essential oils, while polishing it to remove impurities while keeping moisture balanced.

The second focus for a radiant complexion is real moisturization inside of the skin. I feel that a lot of people, they focus on the texture of a moisturizer more than they should. For example, you will think, “Oh, this cream is so silky and moisturizing,” so you automatically believe it’s a good product; but a lot of the time what you are feeling is a bunch of silicones that are big petroleum molecules and won’t penetrate because they just sit on top of the skin, contributing to that unwanted buildup.

Proper moisturization is inside of the skin — 70 percent of your hydration is in your dermis, which is the deepest and most important layer of the skin. This is where all the critical functions take place — you produce hyaluronic acid there because that is where it is needed. The dermis is the biggest layer and full of collagen fibers, which keep our skin in place. Since there is so much happening in that layer, it is necessary for the dermis to be gel-like, so that the collagen fibers can float and skin can maintain its hydration, otherwise a lack thereof deep within the skin will cause those fibers to get tangled up and you’ll end up with wrinkles.

Also, when skin is well-moisturized from within, your cells on the top layer of your skin are perfectly aligned and that will cause light to reflect much better, complementing its health and glow factor. So, when you’re shopping for a moisturizer, do your research and make sure that it will plump up skin and give you a lit-from-within effect.