Beyonce’s Makeup Artist Sir John Teams up with L’Oreal Paris



Sir John, the man behind Beyonce’s many flawless makeup looks, has been named Celebrity Makeup Artist for L’Oreal Paris. The New York native joins the L’Oreal Paris Ambassador and tells Vogue he’ll be “getting [his] hands dirty” in product development and will also aid in creating a “cool, modern, digital” approach when it comes to the brand’s launches. “We’re putting a fun new spin on things. That’s where I come in,” he says.

The maquillage master has come a long way and admits to having no clue what mascara even was before getting his start on set at a catalog shoot while studying at art school in Atlanta. When the makeup artist cancelled, Sir John, jumped into action using the model’s own makeup she had in her bag and his fingers— no brushes— to create her look. It was then he discovered his “knack for color.”

That’s not the only big news for L’Oreal Paris— the beauty giant released the first set of results from its sustainable development program called Sharing Beauty with All, a plan that came about in October of 2013. Stand out results included that despite upping production by 22 percent, the brand reduced its carbon-dioxide emission by half from a 2005 baseline. In addition, WWD reports that by 2020 the company intends for 100 percent of its products to have a social or economic benefit such as sustainable ingredients and environmentally-friendly packaging.

[via Vogue/ WWD]