Tata Harper: Why Choosing the Right Facial Cleanser Matters


Image: Imaxtree

A lot of our customers who I meet tell me how much they love a certain product in the line— whether it’s Elixir Vitae or our Restorative Eye Creme— and how important they are for their skincare routine. However, when it comes to facial cleansers, this part of the skincare regimen gets overlooked and often times people will end up purchasing something that is harsh on the skin or causes irritation because they picked it up without even reading the ingredient label. When we’re focusing on skincare, each step matters and the emphasis shouldn’t just be on the anti-agers or eye creams.

A lot of times, cleansers use harsh detergents, which will definitely clean your skin— to the point of dehydration. And every time they’re used, barriers of the skin are being stripped down over time. Think about all the luxurious and potent products you use at night to help your skin with whatever concerns you may have and then think about waking up the next morning and just going at your skin with an abrasive cleanser that you didn’t even think twice about when you bought it. This will make it extremely hard to accumulate the benefits of those skincare products when you’re depleting your skin of its moisture.

Soap is a very alkalizing substance so when you raise the pH of the skin too much, your barrier opens up and you lose all that hydration. I was obsessed with the development of our cleansers because I really wanted them to be more of a cleansing treatment that use a lot of natural anti-bacterials, anti-septics, enzymes, clay, willow bark, oatmeal and other ingredients that are way better alternatives to detergents and also provide additional benefits beyond cleansing the skin. This way, you’re ridding skin of all the impurities without a trace of damage, and in the process, they are improving the skin.