Ooh La La! Ultra Chic French Women Reveal Their Beauty Secrets

We have to admit that French women are undeniably cool and chic. They all seem to have perfected the “I rolled out of bed looking like this” effect that we all secretly try to master. You know the look: Slightly messy hair, a “bare” face and a laissez-faire attitude. And even when they do go a bit glam, they still adhere to a less-is-more philosophy, resulting in a polished, never-too-done look. Leaving us all to wonder, how do they do it?

We asked three of our favorite Gallic gals—Laure Heriard Dubreuil, Yaz Bukey and Eleonore Toulin—to spill the beans about their beauty routines. And unwittingly, they revealed that though Parisian women always look so effortlessly put-together, the process is not always so effortless, even if they make it seem that way. Here are the beauty tips that these French beauties swear by.