10 Black Beauty Bloggers We’re Obsessed With

Black beauty is big business with African-American women spending over $7.5 billion in beauty products alone, but even so, for many years these women of color have been largely ignored or underserved by the general beauty community. Noticing a void, several years ago a handful of savvy bloggers of color took it upon themselves to educate and engage the black female community, giving them something they have long needed and desired — a voice. Now, the movement has exploded and these bloggers have become an important go-to source for natural haircare, beauty and skincare advice for women with darker complexions.

Some of them have waded through and reviewed tons and tons of product to tell us what’s good and what’s not. Some of them lead us by example with step-by-step tutorials on haircare or beauty looks. While others just simply inspire us by showcasing the diversity of ebony beauty in all its wondrous shapes and forms. But one thing they all have in common is that they’re promoting black beauty unapologetically and on their own terms.

Check out these 10 influential black beauty bloggers that we’re obsessed with.