Acne Makeup How-To: The Right Way to Cover up a Pimple in 4 Easy Steps


Image: Imaxtree

Few things are worse than waking up to an unsightly blemish — thankfully, there’s makeup for that. But before you layer on foundation and concealer, it’s important to know the correct way to cover up a pimple. For starters, don’t pick at it or try to pop it, but that goes without saying (and we know it’s easier said than done). While you should definitely treat your acne properly with over-the-counter or prescription treatments, your zit shouldn’t interfere with your daily makeup routine in the meantime. Here’s how to camouflage a blemish seamlessly with the rest of your complexion.

  1. Prep. It’s important to thoroughly cleanse your skin to remove excess oil and follow that by applying moisturizer as you normally would. When skin is hydrated, any flaking or dryness will immediately be eliminated.
  2. Correct Redness. If your blemish is red, dab on green color-correcting product to cancel it out. Gently pat — don’t rub — it on for the best results. 
  3. Apply Concealer. To avoid spreading bacteria from your breakout, skip the brush. Instead, dot concealer on using a cotton swab for precise, germ-free results. Make sure your concealer matches your skin tone — anything that is lighter will just draw more attention to the blemish.
  4. Set It. Lock your coverage in place using a translucent loose powder. Setting powder will mattify the area without adding any bulk to it, and mineral makeup is a great alternative, too. 

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