Soo Joo Park Shares Her Summer Hair Secrets

Summer is fast approaching. As you begin anticipating the hot weather, holidays and beach trips, here are some tips to keep your mane flawless and tamed.


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Perfect Beach Waves

Everyone can appreciate the tousled hair look you get from spending a day at the beach. There’s something effortlessly sexy and even luxurious about the idea of laying out on the soft sand sunbathing, watching the ocean waves. There are lots of hair texturizing sprays with salt water on the market developed to achieve this texture even when you’re unable to make it to the beach, but from my experience, spritzing it on your hair alone doesn’t do it. To successfully create this look, you need another tool, and it’s your blow dryer. Think about it. When you’re on the beach, that sea salt gets mixed into the hair from the wind and the heat of the sun, right? The blow dryer will do just that. At home, I put mine on low wind/temperature setting and spray the product into the air, so that the fine mist can evenly distribute indirectly on my hair. Trust me, it works like magic. 


Chic Hat Hair

Wearing hats in the summer can help you protect your face (and your scalp!) from sunburn, but can give you a serious case of hat hair. You can use that to your advantage, however, by sporting a sleek hairdo using a styling product. It will make it seem like it’s intentional rather than an unfortunate side effect. On the top part of the hair, apply a bit of hair gel, like the one from L’Oreal Studio Line, or wax (I love the way the one from Lavett&Chin smells). Or for bleached hair like mine, hair treatment can serve double duty to condition and create a similar effect as a hair gel. I use Redken Extreme Length Sealer. Just comb through and leave the rest of your hair dry and normal.

Keep Your Blond Hair Fresh

Summer calls for frequent showers and time in chlorinated pools. For blondes, this can be devastating on your color. In order to keep your color beautiful in between visits to your salon, use a tinted conditioner with a purple tone if you want to dispel brassiness. My favorite is Redken Blonde Idol, which has dual chambers of tint and conditioner so you can dial the amount of intensity.