6 Ways to Obliterate Puffy Eyes

Whether you’re sleep deprived or your eye area is dry and in need of moisture, puffy eyes are kind of the worst. Swollen lids and unsightly bags can also be caused by stress or allergies — and you’ll want to hide those suckers as quickly as possible. If you wake up with puffed up eyes, wash your face with cool water and make sure to limit your sodium intake throughout the day in order to avoid making matters worse. And forget the cucumbers you see in the movies. Yes, they work, but only because they are cold — it has nothing to do with the veggie itself. A washcloth dipped in cold water has the same effect without the need to use your salad toppings. You can also go the high-tech route and enlist the help of a beauty product made to obliterate puffy eyes and provide the surrounding skin with added benefits. So the next time you wake up with tired eyes, brew some coffee, grab your favorite concealer and enlist the help of one of these puffy eye banishers.