Get Your Givenchy on with Help from Hair Guru Anthony Nader

Givenchy spring 2016

Photo: IMAXTree

The hair and makeup teams for a runway show generally have a good amount of time to get the designer’s approval for a model’s look, something that can change during run-throughs just minutes before a show begins. That being said, it’s a common misconception that we won’t be able to easily recreate these runway looks if we don’t have a hair stylist and a team of people checking that every strand is in place.

Thankfully for us, celebrity hair guru Anthony Nader has given us a step-by-step guide to recreate Givenchy’s Spring 2015 hair look. Check out how to recreate the uber-cool ‘do in just six easy steps, below.

  1. Wash your hair to remove any build-up and so you have a clean surface to work with. A sheen shampoo and conditioner is recommended. 
  2. On damp hair, use a medium-hold foam from roots to ends and comb through evenly. Divide hair into four even sections and straighten out your strands with a boar bristle brush throughout.
  3. Once you get to the top spot in your clean, precise and killer centre-part, mould your hair dry in a downward direction, with the nozzle attached to ensure the best result.
  4. If you need more control of thicker, textured hair, use a flat iron from root to end for longevity.
  5. Spritz a fraction of a lightweight shine spray into your palms and glide down the length of your strands for extra hold and gleam.
  6. Slip on your wide black-elastic headband, fit it comfortably to frame your face and you’re ready for action.