Tried and Tested: 5 Dry Shampoos That Look Invisible on Dark Hair

For many of us, dry shampoo is the best thing since sliced bread. This time-saving oil eliminator has changed our lives. Not only does it clean our scalp in seconds, but it also lets us extend our blowout for days. Who doesn’t love that just-washed voluminous look? But as much as we adore the brilliant convenience of dry shampoo, we loathe the way some of them leave us with a powdery finish.

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Many dry shampoos are formulated with talc (yes, baby powder) or similar heavy starches, which is why they leave a chalky, white residue. If you’re a brunette, this can be a major problem. After all, no one wants to look like they’re wearing George Washington’s wig. So to help out our dark-haired sisters, we tested dozens of dry shampoos and were able to narrow it down to five best dry shampoos for dark hair that won’t leave any white buildup, even when sprayed liberally.

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