Argan Oil Is the Hero Beauty Product You’ve Been Missing

the many argan oil benefits for your beauty routine

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For the longest time, coconut oil seemed to be the liquid gold of natural oils, but it would appear a (not so new) oil is making it’s way into the limelight. With claims of hydrating damaged hair and even serving as a replacement for your daily moisturizer, argan oil is the latest beauty trend blowing up the Internet.

Originally made from the nuts of argania spinosa, a tree native to the deserts of Morocco, argan oil has happily found its way to U.S. shores — ready to work wonders on your hair, skin and nails. For those itching to jump on the natural oils wagon, celebrity board-certified dermatologist Dr. Mona Gohara lays out the many argan oil benefits, including ways to incorproate the oil into your everyday beauty regime.

Deep Conditioner

When your dry and brittle strands need a little extra loving, whip out the argan oil. The liquid gold contains antioxidants (like vitamin E) and is a natural moisturizer. For best results, leave in hair overnight (wear a shower cap) and rinse with cold water the next morning.

Foot Treatment

According to Gohara, argan oil is packed with vitamin E, a natural antioxidant that helps protect and repair your skin (along with keeping your heart healthy). It also contains high doses of linoleic acid, which is a natural soother and anti-inflammatory. So, when feet get dry or cracked, soothe them by rubbing a small amount of argan oil into your skin (for even more TLC, you can put socks on for a few hours).

Lip Balm

Is your purse a mating ground for lip balms and chapsticks? Reduce your load by sticking to argan oil. The vitamin E will nourish skin, and fun fact? Argan oil is also a cicatrizant — it promotes the healing of a wound. Which, let’s be honest, is basically what our dry, cracked lips are.

Body Lotion

Among your various bottles of Vaseline and Nivea, argan oil deserves a space (try Josie Maran 100 Percent Pure Argan Oil, $48). Not only does the oil contain anti-aging properties and fatty acid antioxidants, it’s a natural emollient. For those of us who don’t speak dermatologist, Gohara explains, “It helps keep the skin barrier intact and prevents water from leaving the skin. It’s an excellent hydrator.”

Cuticle Oil

Argan oil can also be your ticket for super soft hands and beautiful cuticles (manicure appointments be damned). Thanks to the super nourishing vitamin E and moisturizing elements, all you need is a dime-size amount for both hands.


Oil as a cleanser, say what? According to Gohara argan oil benefits as an anti-sebum, which means it reduces the natural oils your face produces. Plus, it nourishes skin. How’s that for a win-win? “It’s a great oil for people who are on the double-cleanse trend,” Gohara says. “First use it as your oil cleanser, then follow with your traditional soap cleanser. The linoleic and oleic acid will regulate your sebum [oil] production, without drying out your skin.”

Frizz Tamer

Like any trusty hair oil, argan oil is there to help chill out your static strands when they decide to have a mind of their own. To make fly-aways a thing of the past, use a dime-size amount in your hair and lightly pat strands down. 

Hair Serum

For those who like to have 24/7 hydration on their dry hair, argan oil might be your answer. Its high vitamin E content will nourish your strands and give them added shine. Buh-bye shine mist!

Face Oil

Remember argan oil’s anti-aging properties? Your face will thank you twenty years from now when wrinkles are minimal and your skin is still silky smooth — but for now, it just serves as a great daily moisturizer. “The antioxidant properties in argan oil help decrease inflammation and it promotes anti-aging,” Gohara says. “It’s also very light and absorbent, so it hydrates your skin without causing you to breakout.”

Makeup Remover

Look out waterproof mascara you’re no match for argan oil. Besides removing your makeup Gohara says the oil cleanses your face of any impurities. “It not only helps get rid of makeup, but it also removes other particles absorbed in the skin, such as pollution and smog,” Gohara says. For those living in a big city, you’re welcome.