8 Color-Protecting Conditioners That Will Keep Your Hair Looking Vibrant

Color protecting conditioners are a necessity, especially after dropping some serious cha-ching on your freshly dyed strands (we’re not about to wash that away). And there are definitely an abundance of them to be found at our favorite beauty havens (ahem, Sephora and Ulta).

But when you’re on the hunt for the best conditioners for color treated hair, you’re probably looking for a couple things — one being serious moisture. In order to keep hair shiny and vibrant, you want it healthy. So it’s only natural your color-protecting conditioner should have ultra-hydrating qualities. It’s also pretty well-known that you want to steer clear of conditioners with parabens, sulfates and phthalates, as these ingredients are the culprits for drying out strands and fading beautiful color.

Regardless, with so many color-protecting conditioners out there, it can be tough for beauties looking to protect their color and keep their strands hydrated. To keep things simple, here are the eight best conditioners for color treated hair you need to keep your color vibrant, no matter how long since your last salon visit.

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