Beauty Secrets: 7 Ways to Score FREE Makeup

While some women are content rocking an au natural, #wokeuplikethis look, others feel their best when wearing a full face of makeup — and, as many beauty junkies can tell you, the latter ain’t cheap. Yep, between dropping cash on everything from primers to setters (not to mention the actual makeup being primed and set), a post-Sephora shopping spree receipt can be enough to make any gal’s mascara run.

Before you weep away that (pricey) mascara, we have news that may fill you — and your makeup bag — with joy: Many beauty brands have programs that offer consumers free makeup. Sure, you may have to fill out a survey or rack up a few points but we’d take that over draining our bank accounts any day. Because the only thing we want to last longer than our makeup, is our money.