Colorful Roots Is Our Newest Hair Color Obsession

Confession time: We’ve been obsessed with the rainbow hair color trend for a while now but for fear of looking juvenile, we’ve simply looked…not touched. But then something happened. Our mermaid hair obsession suddenly seemed possible now that rainbow roots seem to be this year’s hottest hair color trend.

If you’re like us and simply love the style but are worried about debuting it yourself, these colorful roots offer another solution. Not only do they cover pesky grays, grown-out hair color and make a serious statement, but they’re a subtle transition into rainbow hair — and they’re just really pretty to look at. Whether you’re ready to dye your roots every color in the rainbow or simply love to ogle at the many shades of roots people are sporting (guilty), here are the 11 prettiest colored roots hair color ideas we can’t wait to obsess over.

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