Hair Piercing Is the Cool New Hair Trend You Have to See

We’ve just discovered hair piercing and we’re seriously obsessed. The statement-making hair accessories are an edgy way to accentuate your braids, curls or everyday ‘do. Think of them as a modern-day update to the disco hair beads of the late 70s. Just check out Jessy and Taiba of Keash Braids’ fresh Instagram feed for loads of inspiration. The brilliant British duo serve up killer #hairgoals with the perfectly punky accents. By adorning them with metal coils, studs or spikes, these girls know how to make even a humble single braid look cool AF.

Even celebs have gotten in on the action. Rita Ora has been spotted spiking her “good hair” with pearls and rings on more than one occasion. And Christina Aguilera rocked a lavender-tinged version of the alt look on The Voice back in May. And unlike body piercings, this gothy trend is pain- and hassle-free.

So go ahead, mix and match your hair piercings and get creative. Pick up silvery hair hoops and embellished charm rings at Nasty Gal or for a more diverse trove of spikes, coils and other edgy hair piercings, visit the British online accessories emporium Regalrose. Plus, click through above for 10 piercing-festooned hairstyles that will grab your attention.