The 14 Best Lipstick Shades…for Your Eyes

model with red lipstick worn as eyeshadow

Image: Imaxtree

The best beauty products are all about versatility. We want a product that has multiple uses and works for different occasions. And if it has a long-lasting formula and a stunning finish, we’ve found a makeup bag staple.

It’s time to change our thinking that a product can only be used for one thing. If we have learned anything from beauty bloggers, it isn’t about flawless contouring or how to get your eyebrows on fleek. It’s how to use products in creative ways. Why should that eyeshadow only be left for your eyes? And who says that blush should stay on your cheeks? Or that lipstick can’t be used on your eyes? Just think about it: You love the shade on your lips, so why not try a bit on your peepers?

Model with glossy red lipstick as eyeshadow

Image: Imaxtree

Newbies will probably want to start out with purple, nude and brown lipsticks, but pink and red can also enhance your eyes. It may be tricky to get your head around the concept at first, but when you swipe a rosy shade on your lids, you’ll see how pretty it is. If you need more convincing, remember that there are countless different shades of pink and red. When it comes to pink, you can experiment with everything from the softest ballet pink to bold bubble gum. With red, you can try a subdued look with a terra cotta shade or you can go for look-at-me fire engine red.

Don’t forget that it isn’t just about the lipstick colors you’re using, it’s also about how you apply them. You can create so many different looks using one rosy shade. You can go for a romantic look with a dab of color on your lids. For evening, you can take it to the next level by smudging the shadow out and adding some black liner.

The key thing to remember is to use a primer before using lipstick on your eyelids. Smudged lipstick on your eyes is as bad as smudged lipstick on your kisser. You should also avoid getting the color too close to the actual eyes. Read: You’ll want to skip waterlining with this one, otherwise you could end up with a literal case of red eye.

Model with red lipstick worn as eyeshadow and black eyeliner

Image: Imaxtree

Don’t write off the look before you try it! Scroll through the gallery below to see 14 lipstick shades that are equally pretty on your eyes.