Weed Is Beauty’s Hottest New Ingredient

These days the beauty industry is loaded with natural oils that promise to moisturize and heal dry, aging skin. In truth, most actually work and allow you to see results over time, but one oil that isn’t talked about as much is cannabidiol hemp oil or CBD hemp oil. Yes, we’re talking about oil from the weed you smoke.

But before you get excited, cannabis oil, commonly known as hemp seed oil, is non-psychoactive and does not have any of the physical effects associated with the cannabis plant. Meaning, you won’t get high or have any mind-altering effects when you apply it to your skin. You will experience reduced inflammation and acne and your skin will appear more hydrated, however.

Legally, CBD hemp oil can’t be sold in every state (head to Washington, Oregon, Nevada or California for that), but hemp-infused CBD oil is a go everywhere. Here we combine a list of cannabis oil-infused and hemp-derived goodies to satisfy your green beauty soul.

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