The Truth: How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

Images: Imaxtree

If you’re confused about how often you should wash your hair, you’re not alone. Is there a magic number when it comes to hair washing frequency? Is washing more often the best way to keep hair healthy and clean or should you skip the shampoo for a day, two or even indefinitely? Since everyone’s hair is different, there’s no universal answer, so read on to gain a better insight into how often you should actually be washing your hair.

The pros on how often you should wash your hair

If you ask some of the most famous hair experts and top hair stylists how often should you wash your hair, expect a handful of opinions rather than a consensus. Some think that it all comes down to one’s personal preferences and believe that the choice is entirely yours, while others feel more inclined to tailor the customer’s hair washing routine to their specific hairstyle and hair condition.

Western society seems obsessed with cleanliness and washing hair with strong products on a daily basis has become the rule of thumb. It’s totally fine to grab that bottle of your favorite shampoo and jump into the shower whenever you feel like it, but rest assured that you really don’t need to wash your hair as often as you think. It all really depends on the length of your hair, its natural level of oiliness, your lifestyle choices, weather and the amount of dirt, odors and pollution you’re exposed to. Perhaps the best guideline to follow is the one shared by a number of dermatologists: wash your hair when it starts feeling oily and dirty to the touch.

Check out the slideshow for some of the most common factors that influence how often you need to lather and rinse your precious tresses.

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