Superfood-Packed Beauty Products That Give You Glowing Skin

Spinach, spirulina, pomegranate, goji berries, flaxseeds, chia seeds. The ingredients on some new skin care launches sound more like the recipe for a smoothie or acai bowl than a beauty product. The food industry has long touted the benefits of superfoods and now the beauty industry is getting involved by harnessing the power of healthy food ingredients to produce some incredible skin care products.

Skeptics might be tempted to write this off as another example of brands capitalizing on the wellness movement, but it has a solid scientific foundation. The premise of eating a lot of superfoods is that they nourish the body from the inside out, lowering the risk of chronic disease while giving us glowing skin and healthier hair and nails. Superfood-packed skin care products essentially reverse the process as the ingredients are being applied topically and sinking into skin to work their magic.

Similar to organic and natural beauty products, most superfood-infused skin care focuses on using effective, natural ingredients as opposed to irritating nasties. And with names that sound like a green juice concoction you found on Pinterest or a healthy brew from your local tea room, these products sound positively good enough to eat. (Reminder: they’re not.)

Find out how superfoods can supercharge your skin care regimen with some of our favorite products in the gallery above.

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