10 Life-Changing Eye Masks That Tackle Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles

Whether the result of genetics, improper makeup removal, a transcontinental flight or a night spent tossing and turning (…or toiling away at the office…or partying), dry, dark circle-lined, puffy eyes are never a happy sight. Sure, the Mila Kunis’ of the world can pull off the “I’ve never slept a day in my life” look, but the vast majority of us just look, well, tired.

Rather than slap a Band-Aid — aka concealer — over the problem, we prefer a more clinical, long-lasting solution: eye masks. Not only do they feel great (especially if they’re gel, especially after a few hours in the fridge), eye-specific masks really get to the root of the problem with the help of de-puffing, fine-line-reducing, complexion-brightening ingredients like retinol, caffeine and, on the haute end of the spectrum, gold.

That said, you have to be careful when choosing the right eye mask for you — and limit use to once or twice a week, max. The skin around your eyes is thin and fragile, and heavy formulas and/or overstimulation can do more harm than good.

Ready for an eye-opening shopping experience? Click through above for 10 non-irritating eye masks we trust to deliver smoother, brighter and tighter eyes (and quite a few Instagram likes, if you’re into superhero selfies).

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