10 Shark Tank Beauty Products That Are 100% Genius

If you’re anything like us, then you can’t get enough of “Shark Tank.” Seriously, we could marathon reruns on our DVR all day long and never get bored watching Mark Cuban and gang invest their dough in some seriously unique brands. Some of the most successful “Shark Tank” products include the Scrub Daddy, a smile face-shaped sponge that cleans both sides of forks, knives and spoons at once, and the Squatty Potty, a toilet stool that makes it easier to poop. (Yes, we’re serious.)

Since the show premiered in 2009, plenty of beauty entrepreneurs have stepped foot into the tank in an effort to secure money to grow their brands. And we have to admit, we’ve found some of our go-to products by bingeing old episodes, regardless of whether or not they nabbed any funds. We’ve rounded up our favorite beauty brands and products featured on the show — because sometimes “As Seen on TV” is actually a good thing. Bonus: All of the following companies were started by women!

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