12 Nourishing Goat Milk Beauty Products That Deliver Super Soft Skin

Now that the wellness crowd has worked their way through every nut milk, they’ve set their sights on goat milk. They’re probably busy whipping up recipes to prove goat milk is the latest and greatest thing, but the beauty industry has actually been using the ingredient for a long time.

Goat milk has been used since ancient times when Egyptians harnessed its power to moisturize skin. Even if they didn’t know the precise science behind it, they clearly knew it was a hero ingredient. Today, we know goat milk contains high levels of vitamin A and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), making it renewing per Joanna Vargas, celebrity facialist and founder of the Joanna Vargas Salon and skin care collection. Goat milk also contains a bunch of minerals that benefit skin, including selenium which helps prevent sun damage over time. Goat milk separates itself from other milk skin care products because it’s easier for those of us with sensitive skin to use. (Of course, it’s not really an option for vegans.)

Shoppers who are in favor of local, artisan, small-batch products will appreciate that many of the companies that use goat milk in their beauty products source the ingredient from the best producers with high ethical standards. Some take it a step further and have their own farms where they source the ingredient directly from a flock of goats. (And some companies have the Instagram evidence to prove it.) The attention and care that goes into every product is apparent via the rich, soothing formulas.

Click through the gallery to see the best goat milk beauty products for beautiful skin. No kidding.