15 Nail Polish Shades to Make the Transition From Summer to Fall a Bit More Colorful

While the summer-meets-fall intersection can be tricky to navigate on the clothing front, there’s an easy way to make the jump when it comes to beauty. Switch up your nail color. You may think that summer calls strictly for bright shades and fall moodier hues, but it’s really not that cut and dry. Eye-catching corals, neutrals perfect for French manis and borderline pastels can all still hold their own come September. If you’re looking for something a tad richer, opt for olives, smoky teals, blackish purples and browns with a touch of sparkle. And it’s never too early to indulge in a little pumpkin spice.

Whether you’re the do-it-yourself type or prefer to head to your local nail salon, these 15 nail polish shades will make the transition to fall a lot easier. Still looking to hold on to a bit of summer? Rock these colors on your toes, too, for a matchy-matchy vibe.

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