Packs Are the K-Beauty Skin Care Step You Shouldn’t Skip

True K-beauty addicts live and die by their multistep regimens, but there’s been a concerted effort lately to narrow down the routine to make it more feasible for those of us who can’t sacrifice an hour each night to complete the series. But there’s one step you should keep in rotation: packs (aka multitasking masks).

Packs are the system’s unsung heroes with some working overnight and just requiring a good rinse in the morning, while others can be applied day or night without the need to rinse away. They’ve got your skin care bases covered with formulas to treat everything from fine lines and wrinkles to parched skin and excess oil. And packs aren’t confined to your complexion. There are versions for your hair to tackle flakes and ones to soften your lips.

Here are the best packs to work into your routine, no matter the step count.

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