4 On-the-Go Makeup Essentials for Busy Boss Ladies

On an ideal schedule, we’d rise at dawn after eight blissful hours of sleep and participate in some meditation and light yoga before leisurely preparing for the day. In reality, we’re often plotting our getting-ready routine down to the second, putting a mobile Starbucks order in as we swipe on lipgloss in the rearview mirror.

Being busy and on-the-go is just a fact of life sometimes. But we do have hacks for a hassle-free makeup routine you can use to do your makeup whenever you’re in a hurry. These products are quick, non-messy and most importantly, don’t even require a mirror. You can use them on public transportation, at the DMV or while rushing from your office to a date. Here are the products you need in your makeup bag for a rush-hour makeup fix.

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