The $7.99 Secret to a Good Hair Day in Winter

A good hair day in winter can come down to one thing: dry shampoo. When dry indoor air, cold weather and scarf static fries your hair, dry shampoo can make you look fresh, voluminous and styled. There are thousands of brands out there, but one thrifty hair miracle rises above the rest — take it from Drew Barrymore.

“Batiste Original Formula dry shampoo works so much better than any other dry shampoo I’ve ever tried. It’s ridiculously amazing and lets you work a blowout for as long as possible. Plus, it’s not expensive. It puts other dry shampoos to shame,” Drew told InStyle earlier this year. Batiste’s dry shampoo is the perfect on-the-go hair care product that provides instant results, especially for dull, flat hair. The best part? It’s only $7.99 at Target.

With 2.25 cans of Batiste dry shampoo reportedly sold every second, you can’t go wrong. Stop roaming the aisles of the drugstore, static hair trailing behind you, and do yourself a favor by picking up this cheap, volumizing, winter hair secret.

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