4 Makeup Brushes That Will Transform Your Rookie Makeup Game

Wondering why your makeup doesn’t turn out like an influencer’s after painstakingly following every step on their 10-minute tutorial? Besides the magic of editing, your favorite makeup ‘grammer might have one thing you don’t: a brush collection that would make Picasso jealous.

The most daunting part of daily makeup is not the time or the products, but rather the application. And just because you see a makeup artist with 30 kinds of brushes doesn’t mean you need them all, too. Whether you have a simple, hassle-free, five-minute makeup routine or if you just want a quick but thorough blending, you just need to make sure the right brushes are in your arsenal.

Here, the four makeup brushes you need for daily use to make your face a Met-worthy piece of art.

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