How to Rock a Smoky Eye for Summer


For many women, last winter’s smoky eye look may be difficult to give up. 

But fashion is currently fascinated by everything naked, nude, and pale. The popular runway looks, such as delicate underwear as outerwear, frothy cupcake colored fairytale frocks, and the modern minimalist mood requires lighter make-up.

Designers are also opting to use paler-skinned models in their shows. Popular inspirational figures such as Anne Hathaway and Olivia Palermo also favor the fair-skinned look, signaling a move towards more natural and luminous skin tones.

After being inspired by Julianne Moore’s character in Tom Ford’s A Single Man, it’s evident that the sixties pale-faced, doe-eyed look is great transition from smudgy smoky eyes.

This look also brings out the best on fairer skins. Swapping brown or purple eye shadows for this season’s favorite beauty shades of violets and lilacs is a modern way to revitalize this classic retro look.

Starting with the eyes, Chanel has a perfect eye shadow quartet called Vanite, which includes a white for the lower lid, and a vibrant violet for the crease line. Use the pink and beige shades with the violet to mix up a color to best suit your complexion and eyes. Define the crease with MAC’s Bordeauxline pencil, and finish the eyes with mascara.


To achieve that innocent pale lip look, lightly line the mouth with a lip pencil for subtle definition. Then smudge and fill in with a stick concealer in Nars Honey (a popular make-up trick from the sixties).  This foundation product also boasts handy twist lipstick-style packaging.



Top off the lips with colorless waxy lip balm. A touch of pink blush and a slick of Nars Multiple in Copacabana or Luxor on the eyelids and cheekbones, and a little dot on the lips should complete the look.