At-Home Facial Peels That’ll Save You a Trip to the Spa

Beauty influencers on your Instagram timeline may all be crediting professional chemical peels for their woke-up-like-this glow. And while pro-level peels are mostly effective for transforming your skin’s texture and streamlining your skin tone, an off-the-shelf, exfoliating peel can be a more economical and hassle-free alternative.

Of course, chemical peels have their benefits. They help with cell turnover and are an effective solution for everything from acne to hyperpigmentation and aging. Chemical peels also help your skin care products penetrate better. So no, we’re not asking you to ditch professional peels permanently. But you can sit one out once in a while.

At-home peels are gentler and designed for an immediate skin detox-like experience. Most of them contain the same elements used in chemically applied peels. Besides replenishing skin cells, they also promote collagen, even out your skin tone, calm your complexion and, most importantly, draw out settled in grime and dirt that can cause breakouts.

Plus, you can put them on while you’re streaming Game of Thrones. Here are the most functional at-home peels on the market.