Naked Blowdrying Is the Summer Solution to Limp, Frizzy Strands

Summer hair comes with its own anxieties — from frizzy hair to greasy scalps to dreadful shedding. We often end up blaming our shampoos or busy itineraries, but it’s possible that our unhealthy hair situation starts with the basics, like the wrong kind of blowdrying.

We often start our grooming regimens brushing our freshly shampooed and wet hair before blowdrying or styling it, but as your stylist must have told you, hair is at its most fragile state when it’s wet. Ideally, you should not comb your hair until it’s almost fully dry.

This is exactly where naked blowdrying comes to the rescue. Simply put, the process involves drying your hair with the help of your hands and only brushing when you can finally feel your strands drying. You can even leave your mane alone for a few minutes while air-drying, especially if you have a short chop and are aiming for a silky, effortless style.

The point of this innovative method is to let your hair relax and dry so you don’t damage your locks with aggressive strokes, leaving behind a wet, flat mess. Naked blowdrying also reduces frizz and any roughness. Here’s how you can master the naked blowdrying technique at home.