Do Your Part to Save the Sharks With Lush’s Latest Bar Soap

We’re big fans of Lush. Its bar soaps and bath bombs in fun shapes and sizes make getting squeaky clean a real treat. And now the brand is giving us the opportunity to make a real difference. To celebrate World Oceans Day (tomorrow June 8), Lush is donating 100 percent of the sales of its limited-edition Shark Fin Soap to the Rob Stewart Sharkwater Foundation.

The lavender-lime soap was created to increase consumer awareness of the dramatic decrease in the shark population (we’re talking more than 90 percent over the last 40 years). Although they’re always portrayed as deadly creatures, they actually keep marine ecosystems balanced.

“With this campaign, and through the continued work of the Rob Stewart Sharkwater Foundation, we’re educating the public on actions they can take before our oceans become unthinkably blue,” said Carleen Pickard, Lush’s ethical campaigns specialist.

Shark Fin Soap is available now on Lush’s website and tomorrow in stores so make sure you stock up to support a good cause.