6 Spray Waxes That’ll Make Your Favorite Hairspray Obsolete

While most of us rely on hairspray to set our hairstyles in place, hair wax is working its way back into the beauty circuit thanks to some very convenient updates. If the thought of using hair wax stresses you out, relax. These aren’t your mother’s gooey formulas.

The best hair waxes add volume and texture to your hair, helping define your style while keeping everything right where it should be without leaving behind a sticky mess. Spray waxes do all of this, but in super easy spray-on formulas that literally take seconds to work.

So there’s no need to wait for them to set and their lasting finishes look good on any type of hair. Spray waxes work well on unwashed hair and are ideal for any last-minute emergencies since they offer a superior hold that puts most hairsprays to shame.

Here are the best spray waxes for all-day hold.